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Pagelocalization 'Is Visible' does not work with DDRMENU


Hi, I use Pagelocalization in DNN 7.1 with DDRMENU.
All works fine except for 2 things :
In the pagelocalization settings of a page the ' Is Visible' option used in one language does not hide the menu in that language.
  1. The 'Redirect' used in one language does not work.
Should it work ? And if , any hints on how to resolve this issue ?
Peter Marchal

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rheinsitemedia wrote Feb 4, 2015 at 9:32 AM

Hi, we have the same Problem (DNN 7.3.4). The "is visible" Option doesn't work, but it is necessary for our Project/Customer! It doesn't matter which Menu is used. We use CISS.SideMenu.