DNN bug on vw_Portals, effects Apollo PL

Mar 4, 2013 at 2:30 PM

I'm just making a note here, incase anyone else has this issue and also to make a note on if this could be looked at on the next release of PL.

When createing a new install of DNN 6.2.6... (not tested in DNN7)

1 - Create new install with en-US and include fr-FR on the install wizard.

After that we end up with a website that is in French and Englis (US)...alvery good, but the SQL view "vw_Portals" only has the entry for en-US??....because Apollo PL uses this view to create all the default records for a langauge, no fr-FR records are created!!

2 - Change the system default to fr-FR.

Now we have both the en-US and fr-FR in the "vw_Portals", so everythign is working OK.

3 - Add a Langauge "en-GB", based on "en-US"

Again the "vw_Portals" only has "en-US" and "fr-FR"...not the new language "en-GB", therefore the localization for "en-GB" is not working!!!

The solution is to go into the laguages again and set the "en-GB" langauge to the system default and then we get our "en-GB" record in "vw_Portals" and everythig is working OK.

I suppose this could be termed as an issue in DNN, but because it probably doesn;t effect anything in DNN I don;t think it'll be fixed. So on the next release of Apollo PL, it could be worth changing the SPROCS that create the default records for Apollo PL, so this situation can be avoided.